A perfect working day with

SmartMate self-monitoring program

SmartMate™ Egencontrol program

Digital and flexible with smart checklists, reminders and overviews.

From 49,95 €/Month

Individually adapted and mobile

Paper consumption is a thing of the past. Self-monitoring should be simple – at all levels. With everything tailored to your business and everything you need in one easy-to-use app, it’s easier to get work done and controlled over time. In your to-do list you get a quick overview of what to do and you can simply check this off while working.

SmartMate self-monitoring gives you

A bespoke programme

We fully tailor your self-monitoring program to the needs of your business. So you can focus on the right things and be sure that laws and regulations are complied with.


Create your own tasks

In the app, you can easily create your own tasks, allowing you to track your work even more efficiently

Less paperwork

When everything is done in the app, you avoid time-consuming paperwork and administration.


All tasks in the app

The SmartMate app gives you a quick overview of what steps to take, and makes it easy to check the tasks you’ve completed.

Secure storage in the cloud

Your completed checkpoints and documentation are stored in the cloud for 2 years and are available to you if you want to track them over time and retrieve statistics.



No start-up costs!

It should be easy from the start. Therefore, you can sign up for the SmartMate self-monitoring program without any start-up fee.

User-friendly & mobile

The app gives you a quick overview of the work steps that must be carried out in your company. Easily create your own checkpoints and communicate with your colleagues in the app. Complete tasks, complete them with photos or comments

„Very affordable service with user-friendly and professional app!“
„Finally, we manage our self-monitoring in the best possible way“